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We used to value the university system: a sort of romantic view in our mind's eye of fresh degree holders that emerged from seemingly ancient grand wooden doorways with wide smiles on their faces and flowing black academic dress, ready to take on the world. And it's this strange romanticized memory of something that once was that keeps us hypnotized and searching deeply for the same past with overwhelming nostalgia.

Do not mistake me: university is good. University is essential. University can a great time in life.

Stop though, and consider the stark reality. Universities are dying. Some would even say they are dead. They no longer serve as the pinnacle of the world's knowledge, they no longer produce our best and brightest. Arguably graduates are more ill-equipped for the 'real world' than a person who has entered the workforce and gained that all too rare 'experience' every employer is seeking. Experience. Something that every employer on Earth needs but it's no employer on Earth is willing to provide. A sort of post graduate limbo that the vast majority of Arts major's find themselves in if they banged out a degree immediately following high school, still living on their parent's buck. Still at home. Still unable to challenge an incorrect gas bill should one fall into their inbox. Unable to make a phone call. Unable to take normal daily constructive criticism.

University was once a clear centre where anything and everything could and ought to have been discussed. It was a near fairy-tale place where preconceptions were left at the boundaries. Or perhaps it wasn't. We don't know for sure. But we're sure of the feeling on today's campus. Universities have their own legislation. Their own laws. It's like a micro-town inside of a town. Yet today, free speech is less valuable than social trends. Arguable social media is to blame. Children still forming a view of the world around them, still naive to the difficulties and challenges and stark grey reality that awaits them beyond campus boundaries, are now dictating norms because they're 'triggered' about something.

We all become cynics in some capacity. Some explore Stoicism. Some throw their energy at yoga, surfing, sports, games. Anything outside of the time we trade in order to do the aforementioned. Yet it's this cynicism that lives inside us all - all that are in some professional capacity and see some cracks in the clearly fragile ‘house of cards’ structure of all systems. These systems prop up our world. Yet anyone that has worked in at least two industries understands just how shallow the pool is in both – and then something happens. A light bulb bursts. You understand that if these two industries are this dysfunctional, it’s highly likely this trend continues in all industries.

Then the world reveals itself to you. In deep grey-scale. Those calls to your cell phone provider that frustrated you for days finally makes sense. It’s all a house of cards. It’s all a big test. We’re not done. We need it faster. Everything. Faster better harder cheaper.

The solution? Embrace it with a smile. Nobody has the answers. The world is imperfect. It’s a big experiment that is constantly being patched. Prodded. Dragged into the future. Life is suffering. But that’s OK. Face it. Then set it aside. It’s the only way. The only truth is time reveals truth.

Good luck, and enjoy the rest of 2018.