Doesn't youth provide us all with the perfect vision. But as we age, glasses become necessary, and it becomes harder to see who are the villains and who are the heroes. The way of the world becomes clear, and that clarify shows nothing but clouding. There's little between right and wrong in the face of life and death. A child you'd die for, without call for trial, without fairness or due process or mercy.

I was 18, and I believed in things. I believed in privacy; in digital rights. I saw the country I was living in lay the foundations for a not too distant dystopian nightmare. Are we there yet? No. Do I even believe in such things? I don't know. And that's my point. The conviction of youth fills us with a fight that fades as the sun reaches high noon, then begins to set into a lazy afternoon of rolling clouds.

I had conviction. I had what I perceived as principles. I was a dichotomy of sorts: an apathetic activist. An anarchistic conformer. It was so clear. It was so right, so true, and so real.

But as the years passed I began to understand that I needed my eyes checked. I got my glasses and I started to trust them. I accepted the system before me and I learned the rule book. Exploitation is in human nature. My life and career have pivoted toward the sun. For better and for worst. The warming embrace, and the third degree burn.

It's with a heavy heart I am shifting this blog, this collection of essays - some short, some long - into a phase of semi-retirement.

I've drifted from my goal of a piece a month. I've obtained work from this work and I've moved on to bigger and better things. I cannot in good conscience continue to operate Emptology as a business any longer.

But I will not be going anywhere just yet.

I have approximately 11 months remaining on my server costs, domain, etc., and I intend to try to write more again, but only for pleasure.

It's been great, reader, but I'm on a victory lap at this point, unless something drastic changes to turn the financial situation around. And with that, I ask, if you have every received any benefit from my writings. If you've found something within you, or felt something small or large: please head to my donation page at the bottom of this post (and all posts), and send anything small or large.

Your donation will keep the lights on. You donation will allow me to derive pleasure from a true intrinsic interest of my own, without operating in a manner that ignores sense.

$5 in BTC, $10 or $50 a month will keep this show on the road, and I'll pledge to you more content.

I'll need to add a silly plead at the bottom of each post going forward. My apologies. Rest assured though nothing else will be changing: I will not subject you to tracking. Your viewership and data is not collected by any 3rd parties. And I will never add advertising which could dictate my content.

Emptology may no longer be a business, but it is going to be a passion project, for at least the next year. And in that time, if you, the reader, want to help by making a donation or gift of BTC or other digital asset of your choice (I'll add some more addresses in the next few weeks), then please do - at any point over these hopefully not final months.

It's been a pleasure over these last 3 years, and it will continue to be a pleasure, up until the end, if that's what needs to happen.

But we're a while from that. So my goal is to increase my posts while the bills are paid, and hope for the best. This is no longer about making money. I'm no longer a writer by trade. But my passion lives on, so let's see how long this new phase of Emptology can go on for.

Thanks for everything,
Con Duncan.