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Our lives are more complex today than ever before. Our needs and wants have been shaped over 50 years of Western growth. The basic necessities in our lives have been, if we are fortunate enough, fulfilled to a certain extent.

Simplicity is Emptology's version of minimalism. It fills the gap left by minimalism. It takes basic principles of minimalism; reduction of possessions, release from the endless capitalistic cycle, identifying what brings joy, and applying emphasis.

But Simplicity stops short of minimalism. It understands that life, out of necessity, is complex. We are who we are in the world. We are in the position we are in due to life's lottery. So be it. Simplicity applies to all.

The cornerstone of Simplicity is a reduction of needless choice to create time.

We are partially to blame for the complexity of our life. Yes; there is an entire industrial complex at work ensuring our needs and wants align with their agenda. But we live our own life. And as such, we must act accordingly.

We must admit where we are wrong. We must own our actions. There is no excuse for our self imposed stress.

The world has shaped us, but we can consciously decide to shape ourselves.

I now lean on an example of Simplicity that I have incorporated into my life. I used to wake up for work, dishevelled and required to make multiple decisions about my clothing.

What needless stress.

Will this shirt go with these trousers? The socks I need are in the laundry basket. Wait; I wore these trousers yesterday, OK, then based on these trousers I need to match with these shirts. Where is the one that works best?

I donated the majority of my dress shirts. I reduced my shoes down to the finest pair a owned. I bought five white dress shirts. I rotate through three pairs of trousers endlessly. No one at work cares. No one at work ever did care. Each morning, I gain 10 minutes which were pointlessly imposed on me by myself. Pointless stress. I know which shirt I'm wearing, and it's white.

This is the essence of Simplicity: it is OK to own nice things, so long as they are in constant use, and they ensure reduced decisions. Through a reduction in decisions we gain time. I spend that 10 minutes not by sleeping in more, but by adding 10 minutes to the end of my day.

One nice pair of shoes is better than 5 average pairs. Choose once, simplify, and benefit through comfort.

Simplicity may get a bad rap: it may seem robotic or monotonous or boring. But this is merely a preconception instilled on us. We've been trained to feel uncomfortable without choices. We've been told to never be seen wearing the same thing twice. We've then taken this burden, hung it around our neck, and stood in front of an overflowing wardrobe proclaiming that we have nothing to wear for hours. That time is valuable. But it is only valuable to you. No one else. You're only cheating yourself.

How others perceive you is of no relevance. Only be who you are, and only search for your Self.

Simplicity attempts to place you in the room. Truly in the room. Reduce your screen time. Reduce your notifications. Reduce the relentless distractions of the 21st century.

Take yourself away from the future. Forget the past. What has happened has happened. It is unchangeable. You can make amends, but it will be in the present. You can and should apologise, but do so when contextually relevant.

Remove yourself from the past. Plan only insofar as is necessary. Life is a ride, and must be treated as one. Hard work must be celebrated. Goals reached must be acknowledged. To fail acknowledgement is to be in a perpetual state unquenchable desire for satisfaction. What, then, brings us joy? What, then, provides relief, gives us fulfilment, or makes us happy?

Life can and will pass you by.

Only through Simplicity can you slow each moment down, open your eyes, respect your senses, and feel the present.

There is only the journey. The destination is inevitable death. Do not fear this truth. Embrace it. Respect it. Cherish the opportunity. And grab every opportunity that crosses your path's journey.

The Principles of Emptology's Simplicity

You must find your own Simplicity. You must discover your Self, and weave Simplicity into the tapestry of your life.

The following provides cement. You make the foundation, and you build the house. Renovate often and without fear of failure. Failure is an essential part of life, and the stigma surrounding failure in our society has damaged us needlessly.

1: Time is the ultimate commodity. Simplify to gain precious time.

Each action in achieving Simplicity should be done to gain time. This time should be immediately fed into your Self or your Security. It should be spend to serve you. It should not be redirected towards that which harms your Self.

2: Quality over quantity.

A mantra repeated, yet rarely practised. Do not buy things that will break quickly or wear out fast, like so many items in our life do. Purchase necessities once. There are many items which can and should last decades. Balance this within your means.

3: Buy one thing; donate, sell, or throw away two.

A simple rule I've employed to reduce needless choice almost thoughtlessly.

4: Simplicity should not create burden.

Reducing items and choices beyond a functional level, like that of a die hard minimalist, requires enormous effort. A balance between decisions and effort must be struck. Simplicity should never negatively affect your life, and it should never require significant time to practise; it should create time.

5: Life is fast and Simplicity is slow.

Take responsibility for the level of complexity in your life. It is your life, after all. The past has happened. The future will come in a way too elaborate to comprehend. Our moment is now. Waste not. Want not. Be. Enjoy. You have one ride. Make it your own, not that of someone else.