Simplicity Security Self

Self is not personal preferences. It is not what you define yourself as. It is not your job, how you make ends meet, or what you like. All of these elements can, and do, change over time. Self is about understanding and recognizing these changes. A person that begins to cement their world view concurrently begins to cement their front door from the inside.

Some of us rush through life without slowing enough to discover who we truly are. Some fail to acknowledge what brings personal pleasure due to societal stigma. Some are so blinded by the ideology and agenda of others that they are left utterly unequipped to look within.

Emptology’s version of Self blends several belief systems, taking partial elements from each to create something new. It attempts to articulate a better way for us to relate to the world in which we live. Self centers on our place in the world and actively ignores the relentless tides of trends outside of our control.

It takes the self-serving aspect of Zen Buddhism, and holds it in hand. Buddhism preaches that destroying the idea of ‘ego’ fulfills; where that which is reduced to nothing need not seek unquenchable satisfaction. Living by this ideology in contemporary society is akin to letting an engineer take up product design: the solution might be the most eloquent on paper, but in the real world in which we occupy, shaving one’s head, meditating for 12 hours a day, and beginning a lifelong mission to destroy one’s ego does as much for the world as becoming a pet psychic.

Emptology takes the selfishness of Buddhism (with emphasis on making oneself better) without severing ties with society. It takes the teachings about ego for the sake of awareness, without attempting relentless destruction. It takes the air of kindness to all, the inward smile, satisfaction without possessions, and the long river raft ride of life. You are important, but only to you. You can control yourself, but only if you wish to.

Emptology’s definition of Self cheerfully utilizes nihilistic tendencies for an altogether better purpose: although all may be for nothing, why not, then, be as intrinsically happy as one can be? We enter this world the same way we leave it, and it is more than likely that in 200 years you and I will be all but forgotten. Moreover, 200 years is but a speck on the timeline of this planet, which is but a speck in the solar system, which is but a speck in the galaxy, which is but a speck in the universe.

Meaning isn’t found outside of ourselves. It is found within. You have the power to give yourself meaning by finding yourself, being true to yourself, and understanding yourself.

You won’t find yourself through the media. You won’t find yourself through your profession. You won’t find yourself at the bottom of a bottle. No, Self grows only from conscious effort. It forever develops. It is non-static in nature, and is a journey of discovery without an end.

It is with awareness of the simple truth that we cannot change another person’s mind or behavior that we must not, then, even attempt to do so. To attempt to do so is to waste precious energy and waste precious time.

Creating a better you will create a better world. Protest, fighting, argument and aggression all distract from looking within. What affects you should be changed insofar as you have the power to change it. What does not affect you should be promptly ignored; for why concern yourself with such matters?

The peace of Self comes from within. No external pleasure satisfies when satisfaction itself is nothing but alleviation; forever temporary, and forever fleeting. A thirst left, slowly but surely, always ends at the point of desperation. Once that thirst is quenched, instantly, the thirst begins its crawl towards desperation once more, ad infinitum.

The Principles of Emptology's Self

Continue reading only if you seek further clarification in creating your own truth from the above. Emptology's Self does not wish to create a 'list of rules' or the like. Each person is different, and their rules will vary. Use the below for the spark, should the above serve you as the gas.

1: Your actions define you as much as you let them.

You need not be your job, but you can be an artist. Stop asking people you meet what they do for a living. Your perception of how a person makes money is a yardstick you've been brainwashed to use to measure their worth. True worth has nothing to do with a bank account. Ask others what they are excited about, or ask about their passion. The difference will be stark.

2: Changing how you interact with the world slowly changes the world.

Protest may displace others, but then others are left to protest. Being positive, being good, and fixing yourself will allow you to lead by example. Leading by example impresses on others in a way shouting by megaphone simply cannot.

3: The lights are blinding, and exist to keep you dazzled.

All media, doctrine[1], social structures and trends serve to do is distract you from finding yourself. You'll only be able to find yourself if you look within. This means something different for everyone, as we are all inherently different. Start anywhere, and learn with enthusiasm.

4: We might all be worthless to history, but that means we are worth everything to ourselves.

Don't fall for the 'you're special' trap. You are worth as much as every other person on Earth. You won or lost the life lottery the minute you were born. That is all inconsequential. What you do with your opportunities, for yourself, is all that matters. You cannot change the privilege or lack thereof instilled on you at birth. You can recognize it, and treat every other person you meet with equal respect. Do so with vigor. Ensure that if opportunity arises, invest in yourself.

5: There is only the present, nothing more, nothing less.

You will lose everything through perpetual planning of the future, and relentless dwelling on the past. What has happened, has happened. It is unchangeable. Act accordingly. Apologize for errors. The future may come exactly as you see it in your mind's eye, but it rarely does. Life is not exact. Our mind's less so. Never has life, with its incredible intricacies, been foreseen in a persons mind. A plan may go accordingly, but how can one plan for the impromptu smell of lavender? Or the amphitheatre of an endless summer sky? Or the way the sound of the strings bouncing off an ill positioned column creates something unique? Or the still morning fog on a lake, waiting to be dissolved by the Sun? Live now, for there is no other time.

And time is the great commodity.


  1. Of course the contextual irony is not lost on me, however, to take anything I write verbatim is to learn little. Read widely and find your path, just as I continue to veer left and right on my own. ↩︎