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Control is an interesting concept. What control do we possess over our lives? Some of us emphatically believe in fate. We believe that ‘things happen for a reason’. But where does this leave choice? Where does this leave free will? Where does this leave control?

In middle class western culture is it fate that we a wall of debt builds up around our lives? This debt walls our choices in. It walls our control in. We are then left only to make choices that are bound to consequences unthinkable. Our choice to leave work becomes impossible. Our choice to leave town becomes risky and troublesome, or if we have lost value on our home it becomes near impossible. How do we then choose to spend our time?

Fate is a cop out. It destroys control. It enables our lesser desires to shrug in disappointment without alarm. Fate lets our eyes droop half shut and our hearts sink in defeat. One cannot believe in fate and concurrently believe in control without mental gymnastics.

Yes, we are born the way we are born. We are provided with opportunities external to us. But it is not the invisible hand of fate guiding us. It is nothing but randomness and probability that you are who you are. The rest is then up to your personal effort. Your self discovery. Your growth. Your ability to find and use your strengths and make your choices.

Cause and effect. This is the principle which governs our lives. A choice is made, and there is an effect. The effect can ripple through the lives of those around us like a skipping stone along Earth's surface for all to see, or it can sink in the ocean without making a sound, deeper into the darkness, compressed inward with depth.

It's cause and effect which we should hold in our minds. Cause and effect should eclipse fate. Fate is lazy. Fate is without responsibility. Fate is what those who are unable to face a truth use for their shield of ignorance. For their shortcomings. For their incompetence.

Cause and effect is harder to accept, but all truth is. Cause and effect slows a decision. It requires thoughtful consideration. Empathy. Discretion. Most importantly it allows a freedom. Freedom from systematic failure. Freedom from indecision. Freedom from repetition. If no decision is made, a decision has been made to make no decision. This omission holds just as much weight.

We are responsible for our actions and our choices. We can choose to cement our world view, our location, and our lifestyle.

I have not been working well in the last few weeks. I have considered, pondered, daydreamt and fretted. But it has dawned on me. Cause and effect. I know my desired effect. I am here, so that I can be there. Not just to stay afloat. Not just to pay bills, not just watch numbers grow then go down on a screen. I am here to free myself. I am here to continue to learn. Continue to write. Continue to feel out options, experiment, find my feet, and learn to run. Fall. Get back up.

It isn’t fate which has brought me to where I am. To believe so is to discredit my 12 hour days. Fate tries to take that which I have suffered for. It discounts the 7 day weeks. It isn't fate. Like hell fate gets this one. It is a sheer will. Sheer commitment. Sheer determination. My cause is more freedom. The effect current hard work.

I won’t sit back and complain about those more fortunate. I will further refine my strengths instead. I will grow stronger, while those around me choose to sink deeper.

I will buy my freedom with choice. I will buy my freedom with power. The power to get up and leave. The power to quit when I want. The power to pick up a backpack, say goodbye to my possessions, and leave the island.

My mindframe has changed. My daydreaming has ceased. I work for me. And I'll do a damn good job of it.