Simplicity Security Self

What are our hopes? What are our dreams?

I’ve had some trouble sleeping in the past few months. It’s irregular for me. Slight creep towards normality creates normality. Neurological pathways are forged easier in sand than in the city. A cloud of smoke hangs over the builds that reach for the their stars with industrial climate control spewing heat towards the sky.

What makes a man? Is it acceptance of his fate? Trust? Dependability? Our decisions can ripple through the quiet lake at dawn gently rocking floating twigs.

The society we live in is changing. It has changed. It’s as if we’ve found out that the rule book kept locked away for safe keeping, doesn’t actually exist, and the safe in our supervisor’s office is has been empty the whole time. Do we then simply accept?

I dream of a world without preconceptions. It’s as if we’re all acting as if we’re acting on a reality TV show. How is it that we feel more alone walking though a busy city at lunch time on a Tuesday than we do in a national park? Every face in the city is towards their phone or avoiding eye to eye contact as if their life literally depends on it.

Look me in the eye. Feel shy. Feel happy, sad, angry. Feel something other than an endorphins filled microsecond from the ‘likes’ slots machine, only the next minute to be transfixed, lost, alone and forgotten all again.

We’re the first generation to live a fake life curated. We’re the first who will be old, tired, lost and alone – even if our ‘loved’ one is in the bed next to us staring at their ‘phone screen’ in 2078.