'containing nothing; having none of the usual or appropriate contents'.


'knowing something through study'.

I’ve sought meaning my entire life. We all have to a certain extent. Searching for meaning is a contemporary defining characteristic of humanity. Currently, we find ourselves defined by our jobs. We float through life attempting to disregard what we see. We forget to listen, by preventing appropriate development of music; no more than 15 seconds before permanently deciding a group’s fate. We forget to see, by checking for notifications on our phone while a movie is on our laptop and a fire sale is happening outside. We forget to feel, by viewing our world only through the eyes of another, skewing truth, and passing off ideas as our own with unjust sincerity.

Pillars of Emptology

Less choice means more time. Time is the great commodity.

Minimalism may provide us with tools to take back our identity. It may allow creativity to harbour within us. Instead of staring without purpose at an overflowing wardrobe, minimalism can provide us with the ability to be satisfied with every item of clothing we own through clear and measured reduction. The result is more time through less decisions, and time is the great commodity. The wardrobe is but one small area on which apply minimalism, nonetheless, it is currently the fashionable[1] example. Other precious aspects of our life like love, safety, health, and wealth may come and go, but time is only goes. It should be prioritised accordingly.

Minimalism however, most certainly does not complete the picture, and those who preach do so with an air of contempt for their common man. Besides, active decisions must be made before one can reach the orderly flow that minimalism promises. Deciding to throw away, donate, or sell three quarters of your possessions is undoubtedly a larger decision than deciding what to use or wear for that day.

This paradox is not lost on me: in attempting to reduce decisions by reducing items, one must initially make weightier decisions, which over time equal the decisions made every day by someone with a large wardrobe, in this above wardrobe example.

This highlights a universal truth and one that I most certainly wish to lean on: everything, eventually, equals one. Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. We enter and leave this world in the same state.

A white canvas may be beautiful in its simplicity, but our lives are inherently more complex. Minimalism provides a platform, teaches a skill set, and provides an antidote to the viral capitalism, but a white canvas still has texture, bumps, and imperfections.

Minimalism has created a community filled with unhelpful, over opinionated, ‘professional’ minimalists. Some are downright mean. They have gained more time through less decisions, yet use this time to put others down because their version of minimalism does not align. Focusing on others is strictly against Emptology.

Freedom is important.

Independence is something we all seek. Freedom from indecisiveness, freedom from decisions, freedom from restraint, and freedom from the daily grind. Decades ago, and arguably at the height of the West,[^n] in post war ecstasy, our parents worked for years under one company. Today, we can be shown the door at any time, under a loose termination clause, if we are lucky enough to even secure more than a 12 month contract. Some of us are left to drive our own cars, or rent out our own homes, all to pay menial bills while benefiting the Information Giants of the world.

Financial independence is a cornerstone. Having what is needed, being satisfied, and sufficiently planning for the future provides our freedom. Freedom to walk away from a job. Freedom to fill a day with an intrinsic activity. A great fallacy told to us as children is that we can be anything we want. Then we are told by the world we can be its version of rich. But we are provided with no tools to gain our freedom and allows us to be happy.

Financial independence is the greatest skill left untaught. My high school economics class never began with the importance of Emergency Funds, or the perpetual trap of Credit. These methods and tools redistribute power to individuals, while instead we are taught to need the next car, the next house, and the next fine dining experience. We are taught to remain powerless and we are taught to continue to work. Emptology will teach you practical financial skills to provide you with security.

Change must occur inside.

Societal change does not occur through protest. Politics is meaningless. Your fight against the world, for a cause, or as a group of citizens is worthless. In fact, it is more damaging than worthless: it has a negative detriment on your internal self.

Self is lost, today. Perception is skewed. Beauty is unattainable. Wealth is not enough. Our lives are fake. We curate a digital fallacy. We fight a cause. We protest. We use energy and we spend time.

Attempting to take on a sect of our society is tiresome and without fruit. What we failed to take into account is that when societal shifts occur, the sect displaced is a sect left aggrieved, set to begin their fight. The ‘winners’ are then left with no choice but to defend. The process repeats ad infinitum.

You can decide to subscribe to this. You can be the change. You can be on the ground, on the front, or you can take action now. Or, simply, you can unsubscribe. Focus your energy instead on making yourself the best version of you, and lead others around you by example.

The latter is infinitely more powerful. Humans hate their ideas being challenged, and love hearing their beliefs regurgitated back to them. Naturally, attempting to change a person’s mind on an issue close to their heart is nigh impossible. That person will or will not change, but their change will occur from within. Your influence on them is worthless. Thus you, too, must take this approach. Change from within.

Be the change you want to see. Silence is powerful.

The rulers will not change their minds until they have reconciled something within. The same can be said for the protesters. You can waste all your energy, effort, and breath a thousand times over without converting a single one of them. Instead, seek internal happiness. Find what makes you happy. Affect no one unless it is in a positive manner.

A core discrepancy in the world is that others wish to instill beliefs, actions, rules, and ideology on others. Do not be that person. Simply be.

Security is an illusion, although important.

Our privacy is important. Our data is important. Whomever controls our data and our privacy controls us. When a person, a people or an entity know us, truly and utterly, the information can be used to make incredibly truthful assumptions. These assumptions accurately stereotype and bubble us; surrounding us with our own views sprouted from other's mouths. What, then, do we learn? How do we grow, when we cannot form our own opinions? How can we develop our opinions when we cannot make mistakes in private, without consequence or ridicule?

To be challenged is to find truth. To admit failure is to grow. To be wrong is to eventually be right. No view on Emptology will be back edited or altered, however, I reserve my right to change my views over time. To fail this; to never admit when wrong, is to fail to be human. To admit being wrong in the light of truth is the essence of honest humanity.

How security really are we? Any person can learn to pick a lock using the internet, a cheap set of tools, and some time. We seem to have disconnect between our digital and physical worlds, when in reality, the gap is non-existent. Just as a locksmith is a profession, so too is offensive digital security. With enough time, resources, and effort, no digital system is safe, just as no physical location is secure.

This is OK, and a reality we must reconcile. There are things we can, and should do to tighten our ship, not by choice, but by sheer necessity. Protecting our data is protecting our identity. Protecting our identity is protecting our Self. Emptology will produce basic computer security guides and help you regain your control over your information.

Assumptions have power.

A mere assumption of surveillance is enough to physiologically alter a person’s behaviour. This power is understated in our society. We walk backwards towards it. It is a stone unturned. Our behaviours have already begun to change based on the assumption of surveillance.

Of course, in this example of surveillance, it is no longer a mere assumption. The information leaks of 2013 may not have been performed in a way that aligns with my ideology as I personally do not condone, nor agree with widespread publishing of confidential material. Notwithstanding, transparency is of the utmost importance. But technical, strategic data leaks step too far for me. I understand that I isolate myself from the left in this view. Proof of institutional action is necessary, but only insofar as to support truth, not destroy, arguably, strategically important State programs.

Surveillance should be targeted; however, widespread ('dragnet') surveillance is a reality, and one I do not agree with. Attempting to protect from this attempts to protect a persons freedom. Emptology will attempt provide both sides of the coin: threat level models, guides to protect your information, and surveillance rationale.

This is an inherently tough subject. Emptology does not intent to stand in the way of important governmental work[2], but does indent to prevent advertising targeting, aggregation profiling, news bubbling, and the alteration of truth.

Emptology will attempt to provide freedom of information against corporate derailment.

Be better.

By being better people, at our core, and by being true to ourselves, living within our means, adopting the best tools of Simplicity, the ideals of financial independence, the principles of privacy, and the intrinsic goals of Self, we can invoke change unconsciously. Organic change occurs through permeation.

Conscious change ensures conscious response and the cycle relentlessly and fruitlessly continues. Why waste our short ride fighting, be that with our words, our keyboards, or our bodies? No; protest is not the answer. Knowing our self, and living how we truly want to live is more powerful, and will invoke more change.

Emptology is about understanding your place in your world, who you are, your intrinsic ability to create, the key to your happiness and your peace. Is your happiness found in murder? Then I am sorry to say you do not meet the criteria of Emptology’s ideology; you must not negatively affect others in your actions. Do anything, so long as it does not tamper with another’s happiness.


This site provides articles, antidotes, unsolicited advice, and tutorials for simplifying our lives, unlocking more time, securing our information, and finding our true intrinsic self. It is about disconnecting from the failing societal structures in place, but not in a way that offends. It is about truth, growth, and the ability to be humbly corrected when wrong. In reading our content, you may learn to promote your views from within; quietly, honestly, and without prejudice. Our comment section is respectful, and takes into account subjective life experiences and natural differences.

Lead by example, not by protest. Regain your power by creating the choice to walk away from your job. Removing needless choice from your life. Unlock the door to an abundance of time; the most important commodity.

Find your place within the world and own it, without preaching your views, wasting your energy, or fighting endless wars. Make yourself better with quiet dignity.

Finally, importantly, and in light of the above; Emptology is for us. If you dislike our views, so be it. We implore you to create, research, and correct. We invite you to respectfully challenge. Hopefully we can learn something from each other.

  1. My apologies. ↩︎

  2. Which may be subjective, and Emptology welcomes cited corrections. ↩︎